Thursday, December 17, 2015

Creating and Designing a Useful Website: An Introduction to Web Design

The 'design' is the planning process of building a website: it involves coming up with the idea, planning the site and building the files which will give you the layout, font, colour, images which your visitors will see. The design process is vital as it is the stage where all the components are pulled together ready for the development stage.
Web Design and Web Development

Web development and web design often get mixed up; design, as afore mentioned, is the base layer accumulation of the idea and finer details which will eventually comprise the website. Development is the next step in the process where all the ideas and information that has been gathered during the design will be put into use. The code is created and the designed files are made useable.

Responsive and Adaptive Design: Which is Which?

Responsive design and adaptive design are two separate styles of screen resizing, responsive Design is a very fluid option which means that whatever device you choose to view the website on, its single page layout option will be clear and in proportion. The website page will resize itself to suit your screen size at the time when the design is responsive.

On the other hand, adaptive design is slightly different as there are separate screen plans for different sized screens. This means that instead of being an ever changing size, it is completely different pages which the device cleverly chooses depending upon its screen size.

The most common misconceptions about design are that anyone can complete this very technical process and that a new website will automatically mean visitors. A professional can guide you seamlessly through and beyond the design process to ensure that you get the most from the latest addition to your business. 

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