Monday, September 21, 2015

Web Design Choices: Why the Right Typography is Important to a Website

When people read a website, they often ignore the typography, which is what it’s supposed to do. The only time a web page’s typeface should be prominent is when it’s intentionally drawing attention to itself. That’s a hallmark of good web design and the main reason is that websites are supposed to be read easily. If a site’s typography is horrible, then people wouldn’t be able to read it properly and that could reduce a site’s visitors.

Clever Use of Typography
There are several examples of good typography. For example, the website for Playful, a 2013 conference about using play to encourage creativity, uses a Sans Serif typeface that is easy to read. The simple font may not be so playful but this is written against a green background, and the positioning and contrast makes the site a lot more whimsical, which is in line with what conference planners were probably intending.

Another example of good typography is the site for The Dive Bar. It uses the Medula One font, which is like Sans Serif with a medieval look. This gives it a friendly feel, which is what bars aim for. Finally, there’s the Vogue website. The fashion magazine’s webpage uses a font that looks good the larger it is displayed – something that the site does often for emphasis.

What Makes a Good Website Font?
A skilled web designer can choose from several typefaces that are ideal for a website. There are certain characteristics that always show up in popular fonts. For one, fonts need to be legible; a site may want to look fancy, but being unreadable is a bad web design strategy. Fonts should work well with the background, too. For example, certain fonts look better with a black background. The right choices in typography need to be made to ensure a good-looking website.


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