Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Use Web Design as a Useful Branding Tool for Your Business

Whether you’ve had a successful bricks and mortar business for ten years, or are in the throes of beginning a brand new enterprise, you can no longer ignore the benefits of a business website. Since the advent of smartphones, greater amounts of business are being done online than ever before, and it’s increasing year on year.

Personalised Design

What will make your site stand out from those of your competitors is personalisation and brand promotion. A personalised website with custom web design will make your site different from that of your competitors who are using one of the many templates available.

Your company logo, consistency of layout, design, and company colours, will help make your brand more memorable to the consumer, and provide an air of professionalism.

Choosing Company Colours

The colours you choose should be different to those of the competition, while still providing the consumer a psychological link to your services or products. Consumer colour preferences are not an exact science. Research has shown blue is the favourite colour of both men and women, and brown the least favourite colour.

That said, other research has found 90% of impulse purchases are related to packaging colour. Products that stand out from others on the shelf are those which are remembered, whether the distinction is colour or branding. A good web designer will take all these aspects into account during the design of your website.

Marketing the Product

Once the site goes live everything should include company colours and logo. Establishing a social media presence, local marketing, inbound or outbound links, fresh website content, banners and ads on supplier’s sites, should all be in company colours with company logo. Establishing a company brand is not something which happens overnight, but done correctly – it happens.


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