Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Web Design: User-Focused Design Techniques to Improve User Experience

Business owners need to keep constant focus on usability and overall structure when designing any new website. Creating a unique web design for your business is one of the best ways to keep potential customers and clients hooked to your pages. All business owners need to be aware of some simple design techniques that create the best user experiences.

Keeping your users and potential clients in mind when designing your website is the most critical aspect for any new website. User-centred design is all about putting users at the heart of the development and design of any site. Some of the best design tips include:

- talking direct to users to obtain best ideas for user requirements
- creating user specification and business requirements/focus, so the two can be matched up
- design the site for maximum usability and evaluate with customers, where possible

Creating a design that is easy to view and navigate means greater accessibility for users. Website designers can build responsive sites that automatically adjust to suit the Internet-enabled devices accessing the website, customers report this is one of the major benefits of new designs, the growth in use of tablets and smartphones has meant more users surf the web while out and about.

Users stay on websites that are easy to navigate from devices of any kind, so keep screen adjustment at the top of your listing of design requirements for your new site. Simplicity is also key to the best designs, users appreciate bold use of colours, contrast and text/numeric fonts to enable ease of navigation and retain interest. Take note of feedback from users regarding the design features of the new site and aim for simplicity of overall structure for the website, where possible.

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