Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Effective SMO Needs Skills across a Wide Range of Social Media Outlets

Marketing on social media needs to be fast-paced and responsive without being hasty. Using the wrong tone can be disastrous. The best social marketing optimization will be aware of how audiences vary from one platform to another and will craft messages that suit the target demographic.

Differences in age, location, gender and other variables mean that what works on Instagram or Reddit may be ineffective on LinkedIn or Twitter. Facebook itself stresses the importance of targeting audiences with appropriate tags.

Along with the marketing insights needed to remain relevant and responsive, SMO experts need the technical skills to produce and tailor outputs for a wide range of platforms. Outputs can include text, still images, audio and video suited to both platform and audience. This blends the production ability required to get file formats right with the market understanding needed to choose the right outlet and the right voice.

Your chosen social media optimization expert must know who and what gets attention on any given platform. The marketing mix for fashion brands increasingly incorporates users with large audiences on social platforms.

Getting it right once is never enough in the fast-changing social world. Experts in SMO will constantly monitor performance. SMO must be an on-going process. The best social marketing optimizers will gather performance data and will be able to interpret it quickly and implement swift and effective changes.

This may be a matter of hard data, but it can also be a judgement call about tone or when it’s right to use a little humour. This blend of technical and marketing skills is what distinguishes the true SMO expert.

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